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Thursday, November 09, 2006

NyQuil headache. Nyquil Hangover. Nyquil Sucks.

Oh this is not not funny: went to the 24 hour grocery store that is 15 minutes out of downtown(why the crap there is not one nearby-? I can only suspect pure reason and logic that baffles my tiny brain).

The time is 1:45AM.
I cannot sleep, only lie down and cough in the dark.

Get to said store and realize that I have not a $ in my ass pocket (forgot wallet). Drive back home to get $ and drive .3 blocks to nearby gas-station/food-mart where I purchase 12 liquiCaps for $7. Take 2; the time is 2:15AM.

Sleep in until 4pm the next day.

Now I have a headache and a neck ache that I attribute to my decision to take 2 instead of 1 liquiCap.

Apparently others have had similar luck


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