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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is Delicious simply a search engine that is sorting and indexing pages in slow motion, at the whim of the collective intelligence of it's registered users?

Will Delicious become google if given enough time and enough users?

Is there a mathematical limit that describes Delicious' capacity to become Google?

Delicious searches contain the sum of relevant pages that people found on search engines and, at the same time, lack the sum of relevant pages that people have not yet found on search engines. Wow; that nearly blew my mind.

If my friend is going to be interested in a subject- would it be easier to have a friend widget appear in my browser(when *I* visit sites that correlate to my friends 'tags') that, when clicked, compared the link with the current Delicious bookmarks of my friend; and if he/she had not bookmarked the link by that time, the widget would add the link to the friends bookmark collection.

My friend would be best to have a 'sent from friends' Delicious bookmark folder and a separate personal folder. [wearing a dunce hat, and speaking with a lisp] Also, the friend could even copy bookmarks from one folder to the next.

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