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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I got tired of seeing a unicode character:




in my xterm when I am looking at man pages and info pages in xterm; at hyphens and other points in the text of these pages there would be a â instead, making it impossible to understand some parts of the pages. I knew something was wrong with either xterm or Xorg and the interpretation of Unicode characters or fonts. After reading the man page of xterm I saw that:

"When using an ISO-10646-1 font and the wideChars resource is true, xterm uses the Unicode glyphs which match the VT100 line-drawing glyphs."

So I recompiled the latest version (xterm-229) with the configure option:

./configure --enable-wide-chars --with-x --enable-256-color

Problem solved. I do not see those pesky â's.


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